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. we need more revenue and we need less spending at the federal level. what is good for california is not good for virginia and what's good for virginia is not good for maryland. maybe we need to focus on reducing the federal government overview. been there would not be as much spending or taxes needed. then let the states deal with the taxes they need to take care of their citizens. host: robert, milwaukee, democratic caller. caller: i would like to say that the republican party, not all of them, i think it's just the tea party, they are destroying the republican party. when i saw senator dole in his wheelchair yesterday and military disabled individuals throughout the world, when they did not pass the ada treaty, which was signed in 1990 by president george h. w. bush and then it continued on with president bush and clinton and everyone else thereafter, when they did that, now i understand they are just not the party that any of us would want to be involved with. that's all i have to say. host: the video we just showed was shot by a c-span producer with his iphone. it was the for
in creating. host: here is mike from san diego, california. guest: good morning. real quick question. i do air traffic control. with a do you think they'll do with the sequester as far as their traffic controllers? guest: i wish i could tell you. i've seen the same numbers you have. 20,000 people furloughed. they're going to provide as much coverage as they can so different people could be furloughed different days. host: ray, in iowa, democrats line. host: morning, ladies. earlier, one of the callers made a statement about federal workers having their jobs. they come to work, they didn't have to do their jobs and they couldn't be fired. nothing's further from the truth. the only way that someone's job cannot be fired is they have an i.p. -- income tent boss. if they do something wrong or they're not doing their job, all their supervisor has to and is document it. i'm a retired postal worker and there's nobody that cannot be fired. there is a point -- the other point i like to make is this absurdity about overpayment. the private sector equal jobs i know i was a postal worker. the private sect
is charles from california, on the democratic line. you are on with damian paletta of the wall street journal. caller: why in the world the we keep arguing about the fiscal cliff, because i know in my heart that the republicans are stopping this. there's no one else. we are still sitting here fighting and the republicans are still fighting him. guest: he raises a point a lot of democrats agree with. you talk to republicans and they say it's the democrats' fault. why can't the president give us a proposal we can vote on, they ask. each party believes they are right and the other side is wrong. that's why we are here a couple days before new year's wondering what policy makers will do at the white house meeting today. host: scott is from colorado springs on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. a couple things. i get tired of hearing obama was campaigning about we need to get a hold on spending. yet he comes back around with a $1.2 trillion budget. the other thing is harry reid has not voted on over 40 bills the republicans and put up there. he blames the republicans. i stopp
, that is reported in the daily caller. we begin with a call from diane in julian, california, on our democratic line. caller: good morning, peter. my prediction came true, reelecting a president. women against violence acts, being held up by the house. john boehner and the republican house majority leader eric cantor. i tweeted last night quiet late saying the republicans are going to gang up on john boehner. there is an article in the new york times showing they feel he is dragging his feet and waiting until january 3. i also understand that the chairman of the government oversight and reform committee darrell issa, which is from our district here, is holding up the vote on the women against violence act also, which involves the illegals, native americans, and lgbt. this is a coal in the christmas stocking for women who helped to get president obama reelected, and is an attack on medicaid for women that have children, and seniors and -- host: we will leave it there. thanks for calling. olean is in tennessee, republican -- leeann. caller: we need to have more cuts. look at all the thousands obama ha
financial manager will be reported. -- a ppointed. -- appointed. dana in california, republican. caller: i'm 56 years old. i live in california. i can give the perspective of what has happened in my state and the economy and all that stuff. back in 1982, i was making $8.50 an hour. but i have seen happen in my state and happening in more, not just illegal immigrants, but our children. i have watched my state do a nose dive. people cannot afford more things. i'm watching them destroy our social system, our schools. it is absolute insanity, but i see happening in our state. host: have you considered moving out of california? caller: what do you do? this is my home. it is like being shoved out of your own home. host: what kind of work do you do? caller: alarm system and surveillance system. every walk of life, every religious background, every part of town, a movie star's homes. i have seen life in a perspective that most people do not see it. i hear them talk. i see the same common denominator. illegal immigration is killing everything. host: has business been good? caller: in my business, w
from south carolina, on what senator dianne feinstein, democrat of california. it should be a busy morning on the sunday shows. back to your calls. june is waiting from wisconsin, on the independent line. good morning. host: good morning. first of all, shame on a congress, particularly the republicans who have just wanted to does -- to destroy this country. the tea party, i am so glad i am able to say this, the t stands for treason, because they have done all they possibly can to ruin america, to overthrow our government. host: can you take us through the next 48 hours on this debate on the fiscal cliff? what needs to happen? caller: ok. i say, the president should be willing to come up to $300,000, as far as tax increases. we need revenue. $400,000, some people make that. we need revenue. the only way to get it is to get it from people who actually have the money. there is no shame in helping our government. this is our government. the republicans need to understand that social security and medicare -- listen, those are so important. people are talking about i do not want children
and not go on welfare. host: let's leave it there, jim. on facebook -- brad in victorville, california. good morning. are you with us? last chance. we will move on to doreen in connecticut. caller: i'm a small business owner. host: what kind of business? caller: i do alterations. in the evening return our business into a zumba class for ladies. my daughter and i seem to be doing pretty good. the ladies we hire as seamstresses are independent contractors. these are skills they got from their parents who taught them how to sew. we just went and put out advertising saying we needed seamstresses and we got six good seamstresses. we pay them enough that they can get their own health-insurance and they seem to be doing pretty well. i don't think that giving people the assistance in helping to further their endeavors is a bad thing. i think people who tried to stop people from making it further, they are just being selfish, because you can help individuals if they have skills. they don't have to have a college education to have certain skills. you can use those skills to your advantage and still he
. it should be a nationwide vote and majority wins. host: that is the case until california. caller: i understand that. instead of doing it one state or another, let every state put all at once and the majority wins, like it or not. whether i agree with it or whether i do not. there are plenty of laws i do not agree with. host: be you have opinions on the defensive marriage act? caller: it does matter what i think about it. give people the power to decide. host: "the new york times" saying -- "the wall street journal" has a look at politics in afghanistan with karzai. you may remember him back from 2008. here is the democrat's lead -- line from maryland. caller: i think they have a right to call it whatever they want. they can call it marriage are partnership for whatever. they do not have the right to raise other people pose to children. marriages for procreation. if you want to have children, you have to marry a person of the opposite sex. how many people would allow two gay men to allow their children -- to go spend the night over -- to allow people to go to other countries and brin
no way of stopping them. host: we will move on to joy in california. caller: good morning first. i would like to send out my condolences to all of the children and loved ones that were hurt. second, there was a story a while back where a mother had an 18-month old baby at home and her husband went to work and she was on the phone with 911. she asked the 911 person, can i shoot the guy coming through my door? the 911 operator said, you have the right to protect yourself in your home. i believe a in the second amendment. we do have a right to protect ourselves. host: do you have kids? caller: yes, i have one doctor. my first passed away. -- one daughter. host: daughter is in what grade? caller: she is 28 years old. >> would you feel comfortable with your doctor was an elementary school or high school, would you feel comfortable with teachers or administrators walking a round with firearms? caller: yes, i would it. i have a two grand children. one is going to an elementary school down the street. i would want to the administrators, the principal, or is security type company armed. i would n
: a democrat on the line in california, mike. caller: i enjoy watching europeyou. republicans are beholden to grover norquist instead of the american people. is grover norquist still relevant today? it seems the republicans are doing whatever they can to make sure the wealthiest americans don't get tax breaks. they should do what's good for the american people. they are afraid if they go against the pledge that they made to grover norquist, that grover norquist will do whatever he can to make sure these republicans lose their seats. thank you. guest: thanks for your call. i know grover norquist and consider him a friend. we don't agree on much politically, but that is washington. you don't let politics come in friends. it amuses me that he has become the person for the left like george soros has been for the right. grover norquist is a symbol. why do people listened to him? because he raises money. if you go out and raise money for your particular party or candidate or cause, people will give you a brand new respect as well. he knows how to raise money and is a very good -- very good at --
of california because they're getting taxed. keep in mind that this is ridiculous, and i think the president has put us in a terrible situation. host: he should get your television tend because pedro is a much better looking individual that i am. guest: i think it is important to draw a distinction between what the current debate is all about, which is what changes are policy makers going to make for next year. the debates right now is a very short term debate about tax and spending policies over the very short-term. that debate is not going to be the final debate. there is still plenty of issues that we are going to need to deal with with the more medium and longer-term structural issues with our tax and spending policies. that is really a much larger debate. it certainly is true that taxing the rich or really any one solution is not going to be sufficient to solve the entire problem. it is going to take several or many different pieces to fix the larger issue. host: next up is wesley on the line for democrats. caller: how are you? good morning. well, france has a luxury tax of 75%. fighting a
in-depth background check. california is considered to have one of the strictest. on my ak-47 in oregon when i was going to the university of oregon, i had no background check. i bought that thing with a paper license and was in and out within 10 minutes. before i could get to the door, they tried to pitch me on getting a concealed carry and buying more ammunition. host: how much was the ak-47? caller: about $450. host: here is a comment from our facebook page -- if you want to continue this conversation on our facebook page, you can go to you will be able to join in on the conversation. do you think gun laws should be changed? eric? caller: can you hear me? i absolutely think they should be changed. i do not think there is any reason whatsoever for anyone to own an assault weapon. there is no function for them in sportsman life at all. the only reason is for people to feel macho. i own a couple of hunting rifles and a shotgun. host: front page of "the washington post" -- the nra is scheduled to hold a press conference at their headquarters about 20 miles
. it will affect the bottom line. vista, oug from this california. host: what slip by in the answer -- look at china. they are not as technologically advanced as far as military. they have one aircraft carrier and a small air force. that question was dodged. wheat dominate militarily and with nuclear-weapons compared to the rest of the world. there was a fear that it would become too powerful. here we go again with across- the-board cuts when we should be looking at the contract situation. there is a system with the defense department and contractors. there is a lot of waste going on in purchasing. the defense department succeeds all other areas of government. everybody supports our defense. i believe are most important national interest is our own people and putting the funding into rebuilding the urban areas of the united states and bringing poor people up to a standard of living where they can get by. we spent over $300 billion on and afghanistan. guest: the caller is correct when he talks about china. they are just barely beginning to use aircraft carriers and things like this. they are
salvation. host: all right. dre, compton, california, republican, california. good morning. guest: i think like your record should cause the federal government to step in whether you like it or not. if you're getting in trouble, if you have a record of anger, if you have a record of social vines, i think that's when the -- violence, i think that's when the government should step in. if you're not in jail and you need help and the federal government, if you're going to be walking around as a free citizen on the streets of our country and you have a record of violence or anger or mental problems and no one else seems to help you, then the federal government should i believe that 100% because you'll have a track record of incidents. host: ok. caller: which is what you saw on the tape right there. look at steve winn, a gentleman defamed him and said that he was going to kill this person. steve winn was going to kill this person. now steve francis, please, drugs kill people. host: all right. dre, this is the "washington journal." she writes -- host: carol in minneapolis, minnesota. what's the r
was at a news conference on friday, she is the california democrat who is leading an effort to reinstitute a ban on salmt rifles. she wrote -- host: i want to show you more of what she had to say at the news conference yesterday saying that the n.r.a.'s blanket call to narms our schools is nothing more than a distraction. this is more of what she had to say. [video clip] >> if the schools want to hire armed guards, i support that. it's a decision each school district should make and many school districts already have armed guards. in fact 28,300 public schools. that's act 1/3 of all public schools, have armed security staff. in fact, there were two armed law enforcement officers who twice engaged the shooters at columbine. that didn't prevent 15 from being killed and 23 wounded. copies of the sheriff's investigative transcript with exactly what happened are available right at the back of the room. the n.r.a.'s blanket dual arm our schools is really nothing more than a distraction. it's a delay tactic. it's a distraction from the veilibility of military-style assault weapons on our streets, in ou
,000 of income in states of high income tax. host: new york, california? guest: new york, california, maryland, d.c., but as the previous guest acknowledged, if you do not enact the patch, a family of four, would begin to face amt at income levels as low as $75,000. it has been described as a blue state problem because of its impact on state tax deduction. without the patch it becomes every state's problem, and additional tax and families with children. host: if you are wondering whether it would impact you, if you go to, they have a calculator. we will hear from joe austin, texas. republican caller. -- joe, from austin, texas. republican caller. caller: of the alternative minimum tax, we did not hear about this in the election cycle, and all we heard about was the very rich, but it seems that the alternative minimum tax would effected them and they would have to pay at a higher rate, and this is really the intention, in minimum tax on the very rich. -- a minimum tax on the very rich. the question is is this working, and why was it not discussed in the election cycle? guest: i
that says you are winding up that tenure. a representative of california will be taking your job. where does that leave you? guest: peacock one day and the other duster the next. i am attracted to the pedestal caucus right now. actually, term limits are a good thing for leadership positions, especially at the caucus level. xavier becerra and joe crowley will do an outstanding job for our caucus. but i believe in that process. i'm also pleased that nancy pelosi stepped up and is going to lead our caucus again. she is an extraordinary leader, as are standing hoyer and jim cliburn. they work in tandem. what i am proudest of that i got to chair the most diversified parliamentary body ever assembled by a nation state in the history of the world. i call it not the democratic caucus but america as caucus. i'm very proud of that and the things that we were able to accomplish. it's always good to see a new come in, the caucus is where you hold a leadership responsible for what their agenda and goals are throughout the year. xavier and joe i think will do a very good job. host: representative john la
dianne feinstein of california possibly becoming the head of the judiciary committee which patrick leahy led for a long time. guest: because of the passing of inouye, it opens up the appropriations committee chairmanship. we could get announcement about that as early as today. it is expected senator patrick leahy will slide over from judiciary to chair the appropriations committee, which sets off new developments. dianne feinstein has the seniority to take over the judiciary committee. we think we have figured out what the announcements would be because senator dianne feinstein said that she did not expect to be the chair of the intelligence committee. having covered the hill, can you know that when someone says they're not point to chair a committee usually means they are going to something they consider to be greener pastures. host: what did senator patrick leahy say about what the position means to him when he was sworn in? guest: during the ceremonial swearing-in in the old senate , as we were waiting for vice-president joe biden to make his way into the chamber, senator leahy was ta
's immediate reaction? guest: he was in california. he knew it was problematic. there was a staff conference call in the hours afterwards were they acknowledged that it was bad. romney came on the line and knew he had to address it. because of the time difference, it was not until about 11:00 eastern but he did not do a full walked back in their press conference. he said his remarks were not elegantly stated. what we are told is that he was uneasy about pollock -- apologizing because he did not want to be accused of being a flip-flop for. in the first hours after it came out -- a flip-flopper. it was not until he was at univision when he said he wanted the votes of the 100%. is still was not an apology and that never came until the debate in denver. it was an obvious gaffe, but he did not want to take it back because he was dogged by this image of someone who didn't stand. host: do we know how mother jones was able to get that video? guest: the reveals for the first time that the campaign did some in-house investigation. the close as they came was the wait staff in the hotel. there was an in
comment is the democrat from california. [video clip] >> none of the votes will be casting have anything to do with the votes will cast in some of the more than 24 hours. we believe there is a bill that would help address some of these deadlines. the senate passed the bill that would protect middle class families from any tax increase. one way or another we should get something done. i know my colleagues have heard what i've heard. i have heard it from constituents back home -- "just get it done." we have a little more than 24 hours. the men i get all their republican colleagues to vote for them. host: one of the many news conferences that took place yesterday. the house and senate will begin today. the house met twice during world war ii between christmas and new year's. the last time was back in 1970 's. this comes from our twitter page. and there is this from "the new york daily news." there is a sidebar story about no urgency to cut a deal. let me read a little bit. host: rick is joining us from colorado. good morning. caller: they cannot come to an agreement. i would like to see the
: jean, democratic line, california. caller: my son was working as a commercial dump truck driver. he had a good relationship with the company, and they told him the job less for one week. another company was hiring, and they wanted him to work 12 hours a day, six days a week. he has a commercial driver's license, and the null -- amount of hours are limited. he asked if he could worked 10 hours a day, six days a week and they said no. he did not want to lose his license, so he quit, and could not get unemployment because he quit. we could not find a lawyer or attorney that would fight the system in tennessee, so he has not gone any benefits. host: your thoughts on that situation? guest: unfortunate. the deal is the paradox intentions do not align. they do not clearly match what you would think the text book would say. when you are looking to 10 million people receiving unemployment of some kind and so many people without jobs, you will find individual circumstances like this? defy what we think should be -- that defy what should be happening. host: we are talking to josh boak, who previou
saying -- from california, good morning. caller: only 15 states have agreed to set up the exchange's. s. 24 states are not going to set them up. earlier this morning, they said there are only a couple taxes in ball. there are 18 taxes hitting mostly the middle class out of this health care plan and almost 1200 feees that are going to be levied against the middle class. our president is taking a 20-day vacation in hawaii to cost the taxpayers $4 million in bank he is just going to blame the republicans and let the taxes go up on everybody. host: grace says -- guest: medicare's costs have grown slower than the private insurance market. even though it is a big expense for the federal government, it would be even more expensive if we were growing at the same rate of private insurance and bank medicare has millions and millions of patients and to negotiate much lower rates. on the flip side of that, the issues we talked about earlier about doctors not wanting to participate in the medicare has a huge population so they are able to streamline a lot of the education costs. host: another commen
is emily from california on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. i just want to add it to the question about george bush -- may be an answer as to how the can come together. under george bush tax cuts, we made 26% more in revenue. it brought in more money to the government. maybe what the people wanted is a republican house, and the republican house makes the laws. been a democrat senate and a democrat president, who really did not win by very much. 3 billion coats of 121 million is not much. -- 3 million votes out of 121 million is not that much. we could cut the taxes for any of the higher income people who are going to see their taxes increased. cut the taxes if they get jobs for people. maybe our economy can come back. host: we want to let our folks know about the fiscal cliff page. if you want to find out more about the issue of the fiscal cliffs 02 c- you can find out all the information you ever wanted to know about the fiscal cliff. this is the lead editorial in the financial times. back to the phones. billy is on the line for independen
psychiatric -- former psychiatric nurse. i saw ronald reagan close all the hospitals in california. and the mental institutions. there is just not enough done for the mentally ill for us to determine what course of action to take. it is very sad. host: would you do to improve this situation? more government funding for facilities? more outpatient help? caller tell all of the above. it is so important, there are so many people whose lives are fragmented by mental illness. it is a very sad situation, having worked in the field for many, many years. it should be obvious, to be kinder to people, for one thing. to be able to identify people who are at risk of becoming ill. host: do you see resources for families? is there a good place to go to get help? caller: certainly to their physicians, but oftentimes that is not enough. people cannot -- people can be almost frightened by the prospect of anyone in their family or in society being truly l and frustrated. host: this piece chronicles the shootings that happened in 2012, lead to -- leaving at least 88 dead. the tragedy in connecticut i
on the relationship between israel and the arab countries and so on. host: that is from monterey, california. this is donna on twitter. thank you for holding on. this is jerry from georgia. caller: i picked mitt romney and then paul. paul predicted all this for years. romney about the smartest man that was willing to do the job to fix all of this. yelling at boehner for not getting the bill put through the other night. you have to remember nancy pelosi and the democrats that voted no voted to go over the fiscal cliff. they have been trying to kill all the bush tax cuts. even mr. obama since 2005 when he was running as a senator. i don't know what your thoughts are about that. i would like to hear about the democrats voted to push us off the fiscal cliff. host: how you pick political heroes? caller: this is a republic and want to see going back to what it was. people are getting knocked off of unemployment in states because their rates went down. we go off this cliff, anybody on extended unemployment will not get a check in january. host: this is gary who chooses ben bernanke. beverly is next
with the troupe drawdown? caller: anybody's guess. host: alright. sharon from california. caller: in 2013, there is a movement coming to washington, d.c., about systemic corruption in our judicial system. a gentleman is with wallace america -- lawless america. he has been documented people from family court to civil cases where politics are taking precedence over the law. perjury is rampant. there is a movement coming. we want to see the constitution restored and i hope that is a subject c-span will take interest in. host: thank you for mentioning it to us. lowry is a republican -- larry. caller: i agree with the woman about the constitution. i feel we should go over the fiscal cliff. congress and the senate should go back to the last legally passed budget and whatever money was appropriated, that is what we should appropriate for spending. if i didn't do my job for four years, i would have been fired. why are they able to keep getting paid? there should be something in the law that would say their benefits would stop. they should have their own pension fund. if their pension was the sam
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